Cleaning Supplies: They Need Cleaning, Too!

Mokie's favorite days are when we clean the cleaning supplies, no joke! He loves to see us disassemble the vacuum for cleaning because he know it'll be idle for a while :).
And Khan is our newest kitty, so he hasn't experienced "clean the clean" days, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it; we think he'll especially like when we clean the broom & let him play with the dust bunnies before they're thrown away :).
We must confess, we don't really have a set day for cleaning the cleaning supplies, it happens when we see the need; but we do hope to change that because routine maintenance is very valuable!
Our first home was a rented duplex- all carpet, that even helped itself to the bathroom. Maybe it's because it was a brand new wedding gift, but somehow our vacuum survived a whole year without getting cleaned, with the exception of emptying the hair when it was full.
The first time we cleaned its filter, we were mortified! And thankful that it hadn't died on us :).
All that to say, it changed the way we treat our cleaning supplies, and we hope it does the same for you! 
Here's a FREE PRINTABLE to use as a reminder for maintaining your cleaning supplies :). It'll be worth it!
Sweetly Yours,