Cleaning tips for those who parent messy babies/children


Ha! Cleaning… *cough*… I used to be good at it – I was even house-proud at one point… but then I became a mother to a 15-month-old boy, Aron who makes the Duracell bunny look like a 100-year-old tortoise on a cruise. To top it off, I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby boy, who will, no doubt, give Aron a run for his money in the mess department. The problem is I can’t stand mess! I get depressed when I see Aron calmly throw his finger food lunch on the floor, when I had just earlier been on my hands and knees sweeping up the food from his breakfast and cleaning the congealed cereal off his highchair… and as soon as he watches me place all his toys back into his toy box, he comes up from behind me and, one-by-one, places all the toys back onto the floor (sigh). I had to come up with a few ideas to get one over on him… perhaps it’ll help others out there…



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