Cleaning Zones: 30 Minutes to a Better Cleaning Plan

Have you tried a chore a day, only to end up at the last minute cleaning everything at once?

We've been there. And it wasn't until the term "Cleaning Zones" entered our vocabulary, that cleaning took a turn for the better :).

The "Zones" are areas of your house that you decide to group together to your liking {An example would be: Zone 1, Kitchen and Dining Room}. 

We have only 5 zones because we'd like to keep the weekend free of 'planned chores' {ex. vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, etc.}, but that can definitely change for us over time. It all depends on what your schedule is like!

Then, each "Zone" has it's listed tasks, which are spread out evenly over the course of 2 days per "Zone". That's 2 weeks to complete 'planned chores' instead of the 1 week average. When you consider how many 'daily chores' {ex. making the bed, watering the plants, tidying up, etc.} you have on top of a day of 'planned chores', 2 weeks definitely seems more manageable, wouldn't you say?

Here's a free printable to help you get started with planning "Cleaning Zones":

Give it a try & let us know how it goes!

And don't forget to set that timer & those tunes when you clean ;)

Sweetly Yours,