With a Little Moxie

'm in love with instagram. Lock, stock, barrel.

Dab a bit, dab, dab, dab, see more of what some people are sharing, dab, dab and then more and then dab, dab, follow a link, a lead, a hashtag and then BAM! I'm smitten.

Part of it is the relative egalitarianism of it all - you have an iphone, you are there. And now, I believe, if you have a droid. you can be there too. What with the cost of the iphone dropping the way it is, pretty much everyone either has an iphone or has access to an iphone - or a droid - I mean, if we can afford's pretty darn do-able.

It's relatively equal-access. You are not talking $5,000 camera with extension lenses bigger than my eldest child.You are talking $75-100 bucks, with phone contract and an itunes account that can download apps that are mostly free.

The other thing I like about it is it transcends language - I "follow" people from all over the world on instagram, language isn't necessary when you can "comment" with icons, when you are "talking" about photos. Names of apps are usually identifiable.

Yet another thing I like about it is that so many "challenges" that I see on there are about exploring the mundane. Seeing the great in the small. Finding beauty and pulling it out, tweaking it, making it into something more magical than not.

...more on that post with lots of photos -

- meriahnichols on instagram - are you there too?


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