Climate Change; Instill some fear with science

Sir David Attenborough asks the obvious question, which part of climate change is due to natural causes, which part to human activity.  Here's the chart.

Even the most ardent activist and hardened skeptic can agree on the following fact; faced with so much science and data , why not try and address the risk, slow it down, now, when we have the window like this guy, in his video, spread the word.

I guess the trickiest bit is that it's up to each citizen to do their own homework, like reading the fine print on a mortgage agreement.  I suppose that begs a big, 'Uh oh'.

No wonder George Monbiot suspects this is a lost cause. His site has a great quote, "Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it.  Tell them something new and they will hate you for it,"  Being the political and environmental activist he is, his latest article discusses the skeptics and how futile it's become to fight those fighting the science, the proof...maybe so, but he's still trying, go George. 

 My sister in law is on the front line, writing some of the content and data for next month's conference in Copenhagen.  She's up for the good fight and fighting it hard, trying to help outline exactly how climate change is a human-induced process of global warming, largely resulting from the emission of greenhouse gases.  The science has arrived, people, why not take at least ten minutes to read some of it. 

But I understand how it's a tough sell what with the recession, free trade and human rights, not to mention all the warm, tepid and hot wars going on....speaking of, watched The Manchurian Candidate last night and wondered if the only way the world can conspire an awakening is by brainwashing certain continents, like watchingin horror as the red communist villain Khigh Dhiegh of the Pavlov Institute in Moscow leans across the brainwashed character played by Laurence Harvey and laughs at how easy it is, "guilt and fear are uniquely American traits'. 

Back then it was about the red hunting McCarthyists deliberately weakening America for their own it's the corporations, the Rupert Murdoch's of the planet pulling the levers, controlling the message via the media to get back in political charge of the ballgame.  How else could Sean Hannity so effortlessly dismiss Jon Stewart for calling him out on fake footage on Fox News, it's just a mix up, plugged in the wrong tape, let's talk about somethin that sizzles, like Sarah and her new book, one that Rush Limbaugh refers to as the most 'substantive' book he's ever read in his entire life.

Mio dio, it's a mad, mad world indeed as I tune into NPR and listen to my fellow Americans call into the radio show saying, "listen, it's up to the media to spring us into action'. 

Even though 20% of Americans read the periodicals, study the science and agree and say, yes, there's a major problem, we still hear so many simply say honestly, sadly, 'you gotta instill the fear of god into climate change, that's the only way we'll listen".



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