Climate Crises…. It's Not Just Our Planet

Whether you know it or not, there’s a climate crises going on inside our bodies. Our bodies are such profound instruments that we too often take for granted.  We have the most remarkable tools at our finger tips, yet we don’t USE them.  Our feelings are our own spiritual barometer.  They let us know instantly the state of our mind and body. Feelings let us know about the atmospheric pressure within our body.  When we are angry, sad, overwhelmed, or fill-in-the-blank, all we need to do is LISTEN to the message our feelings are giving to  realize that unless something changes, the forecast is cloudy and grey.  The longer we ignore these (not so) subtle body cues, the cloudy forecast quickly turns into a storm.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble TRUSTING that the universe is working the way it’s supposed to, specifically with the sale of my home.  It has been 80 days (but who’s counting).  As much as I truly believe in divine timing, it has been hard to not buy into what “should” be happening.  I begin analyzing things, and over analyzing things.  The problem is, I’m thinking too much.  Trying to rationalize.  I must admit, I’m really good at rationalization!  Here’s the thing.  Just as the weather isn’t rational, neither are our thoughts.  And if we are perfectly honest, none of us are privy to the big picture of life; we don’t know the variables out there to create the perfect situation.  The universe always provides.  I know this.  But when 3 prospects who seemed so eager to buy the house suddenly drop off and noone comes to an open house, I start feeling negative about my beautiful home and doubting the universe.  Then my thoughts spiral to more negative thoughts that have nothing to do with the house.  I feel bad.  My stomach is in knots. 

The SIGNS are there.  The bad feelings are trying to get my attention.  They have to yell and shake to get my attention.  They are begging me to shift my attitude, STAT.   If you tap into your feelings, you’ll realize that they are there to let you know you’re thinking about stuff that is not serving you in any way. No matter the situation, it’s always the same old Thang; Ms. Thang (that mischievous EGO always playing the fear card) comes out in full force presenting worse case scenarios, casting doubts, keeping you small.  It’s so easy to get sucked in.  But there’s always a way out.  There’s always a choice.

Think about the following quote:  “You get what you think about most of the time.”

When you’re feeling bad, it’s an indication that your thoughts are not in alignment with what is best for you.  Think of it as a blessing in disguise.  It’s an opportunity to really explore your recent line of thinking, or in some cases, chronic line of thinking.  Look at it as a wakeup call. So the challenge becomes how do I get out of the funk?

If you’ve ever been around a cranky baby, you might notice that the adults around the baby go full swing into distraction mode.  They make cooing sounds, sing, play, point at the pretty butterfly, dance, try to make them laugh, etc.  Once the baby is laughing or engaged in the song, dance or butterfly, she forgets about whatever was bugging her.  It’s no different with adults.

If you notice you’re in a less than ideal mood, there are things you can do to bring about a quick shift in attitude.

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Sing and dance along
  • Go outside for a walk
  • Lengthen your breathing for a few luxurious breaths
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Make a list (written or mental) of things that you WANT & visualize it happening and FEEL it in your gut.
  • Make a list (written or mental) of things you’re grateful for

Once you’re feeling better, try focusing your thoughts on the things you want for yourself.  If you notice yourself regressing to feelings of lack and focusing on everything that’s going wrong, catch yourself.  Switch the statements to positive ones.  Become an ego narc and re-direct those thoughts to gratitude and things you want to create for yourself. 

Buy yourself a Dream Journal and write only things you WANT.  No worry, whining or fear allowed!  Keep it close by and get accustomed to focusing on what you want. 

Can you take a look at your situation from another perspective now?  For my specific situation, I can view the time it has taken for my house to sell as a blessing in many ways.  I can honestly say that we are all living a lot neater and it feels great to walk into a clean home.  The length of time has actually helped me to make lasting habit-changes in living with less clutter.  It has become second nature to make my bed every morning and put things away after I use them.  I truly feel grateful and blessed for all the years I have spent in my humble abode.  I have also been able to take the time I have needed in growing my business.  If my home sold right away, it would have been very difficult for me to accomplish all that I have in the past 80 days.  It’s all part of the grand plan and I TRUST it whole heartedly.

What you focus on expands.  So if your focus is on things you want and things you’re grateful for, you’ll attract more of that in your life.  The reverse is also true.  Which would you rather have; bright and sunny weather or a dark storm?  How will you tame your inner climate crises? The choice is yours.

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