The climate is sending us a message - so what do we do about it?

Lawrence Bender is an American film produce best known for producing Reservoir Dogs most of Quentin Tarantino's films, and An Inconvenient Truth. Recently honored at the National Wildlife Federation's Voices for Wildlife gala, Bender and former Vice President Al Gore have been working with NWF to carry the message about the urgency and solvability of climate change to teens through the website, Climate Classroom.

The goal of Climate Classroom is to help students understand the science of global climate change and then show steps can be taken in daily lives to reduce climate change. Climate Classroom for Teens provides high school students with the knowledge and inspiration to lead their generation to solve the climate crisis. It can be done and they can do it. I love that it also shows teens what they can do now.

The curriculum, which is based on the Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence of the North American Association for Environmental Education, encourages students to analyze the science of global warming and its relevance to current events and their daily lives. This is the place where teens can learn to think critically about the science and the media surrounding climate change, then find their passion to actually make some changes that matter.

Climate Classroom Kids is specifically designed for younger children, but the goals rmeain the same. If these children are going to inherit this crisis, we need to equip them to handle it. Find age-appropriate games and puzzles, along with activity suggestions for parents and teachers.

"The climate is sending us a message. Congress seems deaf."

Of course, if Congress would actually step up and take action, our children wouldn't need to prepare themselves now to fight our environmental battles. Congress must take decisive, positive action to pass climate legislation now. I believe in our children, but I don't want them to have to fight this fight unnecessarily.

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