Clinical Trial Treatment For Cancer

First let me say that I did contact the Burzynski Clinic to make sure it was ok for me to share this movie link in my blog. Permission granted so with that being said, Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another. Dr. Burzynski if given the chance to do his clinical trials from the FDA to move forward post haste instead of decades of being harassed by the FDA, US Patent Office, NCI, Elan Pharmaceuticals and others lives could have been saved. After billions of dollors spent in inditments, trials and patent battles Dr. Burzynski is finally working with the FDA in clinical trials on different types of cancers. Watching this movie you will see how once again how our government and big conglomerate companies in this case the pharmaceutical industry don't care about human beings and doing the right thing, they only care about themselves. Thank you to Dr. Burzynski for not backing down and for the work you do. Please watch this movie pass it along to others. I have also provided the link to his clinic in Houston, TX.



Shelia Harris

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