Clinton's Arteries Top Arkansas Entertainment News

It's true. Former President Bill Clinton's clogged arteries gained him the top spot in entertainment archives in an Arkansas online news journal.

What up?

I can't think of anything entertaining about stents. Maybe they misread it as stunts. You know, like the President has a stunt double.  While he's out helping  Haiti rebuild from its devastating earthquake and helping end AIDS in foreign countries, his stunt double crawls in bed with Hillary every night. That would make sense.

Or maybe there's another way to justify a health ailment ending up in the entertainment archives. Maybe the editors contrived that, well, the stents did indeed ENTER into Clinton's body where they are now conTAINed. That's what they MEANT. So, that's ENTER-TAIN-MEANT. We'll overlook the misspelling of the last part of the word. Everyone knows writers suck at spelling.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe stents can be entertaining.


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