Close your eyes, here is a surprise...

can’t believe how many people have dated commitment phobic men,” I told my mom on the phone a couple of weeks ago right after I launched this new site.


Having dated one herself, she wasn’t surprised.


I elaborated. “I was chatting on Facebook this morning with a girl I went to high school with. I haven’t spoken to her years.  She was telling me about her relationship with her now husband.  He could have been Mr. Commitment Phobic’s long lost brother!  She dated him forever.”


Not pausing, “Around year four he invited her out to dinner.  He told her that he had a ‘suprise’ for her.   She was super excited thinking finally he was going to pop the question.”


“Did he?” My mom asked.


“No!”  I exclaimed.  “He bought himself a sports car!”  She didn’t talk to him for a week!


“I can relate.” My mom said.  “Your father pulled that kind of stuff with me too.”




“It was about year three of six, and it was my birthday.  Your dad made a big deal about going out for my birthday.  The whole night he had this goofy grin on his face.  He looked like the cat who ate the canary.  He kept hinting that he had a great birthday present for me, but he was waiting until the end of dinner to give it to me.”


“Bet I knew what you thought it was.”


“Of course.  As any marriage minded girl would think, I thought this special gift would be an engagement ring.  But NO!  Finally coffee and cake was served and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box.  But it was the wrong shape!  He gave me a Jules Jorgansen watch.  Although I must admit it was beautiful, with diamonds and all.  But at that moment, I felt like throwing it at him.  I was so disappointed.”

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