Closet Trauma: Cleaning Out The Clutter

First of all, I only know 3 women who don't enjoy shopping....we're not friends, I just know them. Kidding but I try not to admit that I know they don't like shopping. As a fashion blogger with a focus on shoes, I love to shop. Sale is the best 4 letter word in the English language & retailers welcome me back to their stores by my first name.

Filling up my closet has been a big part of my life. Well, here's the rub, unless you are some wealthy heiress or celebrity, most of us do no have closets that will accommodate all of the nonsense we convince ourselves that we need. I can totally justify every single purchase I make, I mean, after all, I am a fashion blogger. I can't go around wearing the same things over & over again, my readers expect more (my mother is the only one who really seems to notice when I repeat something on my blog). She comments about it on the blog & then will call me asking what the heck was I wearing if it was something she didn't like. So I HAVE to shop, it's just a necessary evil of the type of blog I chose. hee hee

Last week, I decided to tackle my closet. Row after row of clothes, a pile of shoes so high you needed mountain climbing equipment to reach the top and so much jewelry that it had its own blog post several weeks before the closet drama. I had 4 racks of clothes in my family room & then the rolling racks started to come apart from the weight of the clothes. I am an over 40 something & let me tell you that once I pulled all of this stuff out of my closet and realized there was no going back, I wanted to just sit on the floor and cry. That was BEFORE the racks started coming apart. During this madness, I lost my bed (clothes that didn't fit on the racks were placed there) and somehow, I'd told myself, this would be a 1 day deal. Nope, took me 2 1/2 days to go through all of the things to figure out what I would trash, keep or donate. It was at that time that I realized I needed therapy....not retail therapy, just good old fashioned therapy because clearly I must be insane to have decided that I should clean out my closet. Notice, I didn't say I was insane for shopping, just for cleaning the closet.

As I worked my way through the items, I kept in mind the purpose of this mission. I donate to two organizations that really need the types of things found in my closet. I donate to an organization called OASIS (Outreach Assisting Students In Schools) and to The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. The Hillsborough County school district is the 8th largest in the country & many of these students have no way to get new clothes, OASIS helps them with clothes, school supplies & much more so I know my donation helps students not stress about certain things as they try to improve their lives through education.

The Crisis Center is where women who have been assaulted are taken, their clothes then become evidence against their attackers. That means they are in need of clothes to wear home. This is where people like me come in, donating helps them leave in something other than hospital scrubs. I tease about my shopping & the clearing of my closet but I try to share what I have with those that are in need in the hopes that my fortune can be a blessing to them.  In many stores, if there is a no return policy, they let you know.  I never return anything, if I can't wear it, I donate it.  I know not everyone can do this but I grew up under priveleged and I am so happy that I can now help someone else, these donations truly make a real difference and I know that firsthand.  So the closet is now clean & organized and the two organizations that I donate to will have plenty to share with those who need it most.   What do you do with the clothes you can no longer wear?

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