Closing Keynote: Innovator Interview with Kim Sunée

Kim Sunée's evocative, best-selling Trail of Crumbs is part memoir, part travel diary, part cookbook, part homage to the healing and orienting properties of food. In it she takes readers on a sensory-rich journey from the South Korean market bench on which she was abandoned as a young child, found clutching the last of the loaf of bread she was left with (thus her memoir's title). Thereafter her journey takes her to New Orleans, Paris, Stockholm, Provence, and back to the U.S., with food acting as salve, compass, and anchor.  Kim got her start as food editor at Southern Living magazine, has been featured in publications from the New York Times to Ladies Home Journal, and guest-judged on Iron Chef America.  BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone interviews Kim about all this (including some juicy backstage gossip from Iron Chef), her current book project, and the role food and food writing has played in her life.