Closing Keynote brought to you by Liberty Mutual Insurance and The Responsibility Project - Doing the Right Thing/Taking Your Next Step

How do you take everything you’ve learned leading up to and throughout BlogHer Entrepreneurs and keep moving forward with it? BlogHer's Lisa Stone emcees this session, which will start with several of our mentors and role models, including Kathryn Finney and Telle Whitney, sharing a time when they did the right thing...for their business, employees, family, or maybe just themselves.  We will then hear from four organizations that represent just some of the many resources out there to support entrepreneurs and innovators. If you want to go next with all the information and inspiration you've acquired at BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12, these women can point you in the right direction. Featuring Jen Shelby of Astia, Deborah Jackson of Women Innovate Mobile, Angie Chang of Women 2.0, and Angela Benton of NewME Accelerator.