Closing Keynote: The Soul, Passion and Heart of a Chef

Setting themselves apart from the chefs and cookbooks we grew up with, many of today's foodblogger-author-chefs infuse their writing with a sense of intimacy and authenticity. They are sharing their lives, not just their recipes. They are giving us a peek into their souls, not just their pantries. We'll talk to some food bloggers who are blogging with as much candor and sentiment as any other blogger journaling their life, and find out why they chose that approach and what the consequences are...from forging more loyal reader relationships to generating the kind of online judgement not usually expected outside the parenting or political blogging realm. Moderated by BlogHer's co-founder and COO, Elisa Camahort Page, find out what makes Shauna Ahern, Molly Wizenberg and Michael Ruhlman tick, and how they share that on their blogs.