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I haven't always thought of cloth diapering. In fact, I hated the idea of it. I thought it was gross and time consuming. I had never thought I'd be considering cloth diapering. "Disposables all the way!" was the mind frame I've had. Until I started reading mommy blogs. 
Add one more to that list! 
I'm in charge of finances in our household which is the main reason why I decided to CD. I haven't researched numbers or anything but I can only imagine how much it will save us. I will admit Farris is not a fan of my idea. He thinks that cloth diapering is gross and he really wants no part of it. I don't blame him but I do hope he changes his mind. Since Farris is really at work all day and six or seven days a week he will mostly be changing diapers at night. My nightly plan is to use disposable overnight diapers and when we travel we will use disposable.
Here is what I intend on buying:

Charlie Banana Reusable Diapers  I like that these are snap diapers. No velcro. No fuss. Snap. They also come with inserts which is a plus. The range in weight up to 35 lbs which is great. I don't plan on starting until CWT is about 2 months old so it will be nice to have a "one size fits all" diapering system.


Wet bag This wet bag has great reviews. I'm not sure what I will use it for more for: wet diapers or wet clothes? Either way I love the print options Itzy Ritzy has and they are cheap!


Diaper Pail I intend on using just your basic diaper pail to keep the stench at bay. If you recommend another diaper pail please let me know!


The only product I am iffy about buying is a Diaper Sprayer.


This Diaper Sprayer seems to be a great idea. But I'm wondering how easy is it to remove or install? We move a lot and I don't want to be stuck with a product that I can't install in an apartment.


I don't really have a plan on "how-to" cloth diaper yet. I'm sure I will once CWT arrives. But this is just my starting list of supplies I will be gathering in his first few months! What are the items you bought to cloth diaper? What would you recommend most?
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