Cloth Diapers...Better Late Than Never?

Here's some news: diapers are expensive.

More breaking news: I'm cheap.

So why do I have two kids wearing disposable diapers? Also, since we're asking the really tough questions today, why do I have two kids wearing disposable diapers after I bought a set of cloth diapers from a friend of mine? Come to that, why did I sell them two years later having used them once (once)?

The Potty ChartMr and I sat down to do a little calculating the other day, since he came back from grocery shopping for me and diapers were the reason we went over budget. Again.

We figured out (clever us) that so far our kids diapers have cost us $1025. Oops - I meant not so clever us.

Yes, Miss is no longer winning the potty war. Or now both of us are, depending on how you look at it. So we're closer than we were to having only one kid in diapers.

But let's be really optimistic and say the Jr will be in diapers until he's two and a half (stop laughing). That's another $500 in diapers.

And what if we have that third baby we talk about? Another $750.

So it might be a wise choice to look at spending some of that diaper money now on some cloth diapers. Can they possibly cost us $1250? Or even $500?

I have no idea. I don't even know what kind to buy. But I do know this: spending $2275 on poop when I could have spent $2274 will make me upset.


**UPDATE** So, overwhelmed with choice, we ordered a rental package. Read about it here.

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