Cloves: Alchemical Prescription #1


As the season shifts and the leaves turn gold, the Faery Queen shares an alchemical prescription from her cupboard to keep our hearts warm despite the autumn chill. Introducing clove medicine—A warm, ember-glowing energy that can open & burn away the old cobwebs that ensnare the heart—releasing the emotional cage that is masking your main magical power source!

Clove Magical Property: HEART POWER—Comfort & Warmth

Other magical properties include: Wealth, Gossip Stopper, & Protection.

Clove heals: Digestion, gas, toothaches, stops sugar cravings, kills germs, and more!

(*TIP: Carry a few whole cloves in your magical carrying amulet. Chew as needed; recycle to the earth when done chewing).

BAM—Alchemical Magic!

An alchemist can spin straw into gold, just as a faery can transform a gloomy heart into a pure source of golden treasure! What? Have you never done any alchemical weaving? That is to be expected, of course, unless you have spent a great deal of time alone doing intense investigations!

What powers lay ahead for the apprentice who opens the heart with whatever key they find to unlock it! Let us begin, step-by-step, then, to use clove to open this alchemical gateway we call the heart (this may take you a long time to perfect).

1) Taste, smell, hold cloves. What are its energetic properties?—Warm, fiery, expanding, opening, rising, etc.
2) Move to your heart—feel the spots in your chest that feel stuck or don’t move as easily with your breath.
3) On a deep level, imagine taking the energy of cloves and weaving them with the energy of your heart. Imagine you are untying and opening knots with the clove energy. Focus, sustain, and continue.
4) As you weave and untie energies, allow a shift point to simultaneously release any old emotions or feelings that are a part of any of the knots sitting in your chest area. Repeat the cycle as needed—the pure magical potential of the unbound heart awaits! Any magic is possible thereafter!


Hang an orange and clove pomander in your room as a reminder for this great alchemical work. Take an orange, puncture with cloves in your choice of design, hang with string from ceiling. The orange is now the symbol of your heart; the cloves in the orange act as a reminder to open, weave, release, & alchemize. Congratulations, you have entered the practice realm of the most notable of magicians!

Next week: The Elfin’ Ember Elixir!



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