Cluttered Home, Cluttered Mind?

Is it autumn yet? I’m drinking pumpkin coffee anyway. With nutmeg! I don’t care if it is 73 degrees outside here in sunny Los Angeles.

Speaking of the seasons changing, I foresee myself on “Hoarders” sometime in the not-so-distant future. Earlier I took a break from this screenplay I’m working on to look for a few of my old notebooks—just to see if I had any old ideas I could draw some inspiration from. You see, I have unfortunately hit a roadblock in my story, and I’m not exactly sure how to push through it.

It wasn’t long into my search before I realized how absurd the amount of books, magazines, journals, sketchbooks and, above all, random drawings, thoughts, observations and tiny poems scribbled on scrap paper that I have accumulated. Piled on top of my dresser, in my closet, beside the living room couch (apologies to my roommates), in various cabinets—I have random stuff crammed everywhere I can think to stash it. Not only that, but I have all sorts of small objects, empty containers, buttons, Chinese fortunes, ticket stubs, receipts and a plethora of other unneeded crap that I should probably just toss. It’s really only a matter of time before I entomb myself in a fort of scrap paper and empty jars, and the guys from “Hoarders” are forced to intervene. I guess that’s one way to break into television?

But seriously, why do I have so much stuff? I have always hated throwing things away. I am very avid about recycling, and if I think I can use something again, I keep it. The problem is, I can justify absolutely anything. I always think, oh, this could be cool for a collage someday! Or, I could hold all sorts of stuff in these shoe boxes! And while these thoughts may be true, I have plenty of shoe boxes already, and I can’t remember the last collage I made.

I used to think that I was saving all of this stuff so that I wouldn’t forget anything—that all of it could be useful in the future. Now I’m beginning to wonder if all the physical clutter is also cluttering my brain? I may wish that it were autumn, but I think it’s about time for me to do some spring cleaning!


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