Co-Parenting ABCs: Observe Appropriate Boundaries

Periodically, we will feature one of the 10 Commandments of Co-Parenting
put forth by Lynn Nelson, Public Education Director for the Institute
on Race and Poverty, at the University of Minnesota. Lynn and her
husband committed to co-parenting their son after their divorce.
Today's featured Commandment is...

Observe appropriate boundaries.


According to Nelson, "When
it comes to your kids, it’s sometimes difficult to tell yourself what
they’re doing with the other parent “is none of my business.” But if an
activity won’t harm them physically or psychologically, it probably is
none of your business. Recognize it’s okay, maybe even good, for
children to learn different ways of doing things. It’s almost certain
that the other parent won’t do everything your way.

We don't have much more to add here.  A little while ago, we posted an item, Lessons on How NOT to Co-Parent...from Madonna, that got into some of the nuts and bolts of trying to run your ex's household (or vice versa)--and why that's a co-parenting don't.

You can read the rest of the 10 Commandments of Co-Parenting here.


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