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Summer is, for apparent reasons, my favorite time of year. Lounging at the beach with your friends on a sunny Saturday, baseball games and barbecues on Sundays … it doesn’t get much better. Oh, wait, yes … yes, it does. Raise your glasses, because summer is also the season for wonderfully sugary and fruity alcoholic drinks. Here are some ideas for your summer imbibing.

Great Summer Drinks

Nikki Deterding of Divine Caroline provides a recipe for Sex on the Beach, a cocktail that screams beach bar. She uses it to toast her very favorite season of all.

If you prefer this cocktail without the booze, try Kiss on the Beach, a non-alcoholic version posted by Denise of Femita. Denise also includes non-alcoholic versions of the Bloody Mary, the mojito, sangria and even a martini in her round-up.

Brenda of Secret Agent Josephine recommends a Pink Flamingo cocktail that features passionfruit nectar and ruby red grapefruit juice. The base is Ruby Red vodka, and it’s topped with a float of Prosecco.

Phoo-D made a Mai Tai with Blood Orange and Coconut Rum back when the weather was chilly, but this sassy drink is the perfect poolside sipper. It sounds like it packs a punch, though, so be careful about carousing in the pool after having one or two of these.

Samantha Bennett of Signature 9 recommends five twists on traditional summer cocktails, including a blackberry drink called the Agave Negro inspired by Asian bubble tea, a lager-based sangria, and a watermelon-based revision of the classic margarita.

Jemiah Jefferson of Popshifter provides assurance that her list of summer cocktails “have been extensively vetted by the author and her pals during the chillier months of spring, but a touch of hot weather should only improve the sipping experience.” I was particularly amused by the Robert Palmer, a triple-sec-based version of the lemonade and iced tea Arnold Palmer, and intrigued by the three-citrus mimosa.

If you’re looking for a lower-calorie summer cocktail, check out Whitney Homan’s list on Notecook. Each of these drinks, Homan says, “focus on fresh, simple ingredients and will cool you down while satisfying your cocktail craving.”

Michelle of One Ordinary Day shared a sparkling strawberry lemonade recipe on The Kitchn that offers fruity, non-alcoholic refreshment.

Another lemonade option is Alejandra Ramos’ Passion Fruit Lemonade, which she served at a clothing swap brunch. This recipe, which is featured on Always Order Dessert, incorporates frozen passion fruit pulp. But Ramos suggests an alternative that works just as well in the drink at hand:

If you can't find frozen passion fruit pulp at the store and don't want to buy it online, you can also halve the simple syrup and add a pint of passion fruit sorbet instead (Ciao Bella makes a good one); it'll melt into the drink and serve to sweeten and impart the passion fruit flavor.

Both lemonade recipes could be served as written, or made a bit higher-octane with a shot of vodka mixed in.

What summer cocktails are your favorites? Share your summer beverage ideas in the comments below.

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