Cocoa.  Just that one word evokes all kinds of memories, feelings, flavors and experiences.  Unless, maybe, you are unfortunately allergic to it, everyone has tasted in some form.

For me cocoa takes me back when I was around 9 years old and my niece was 6.  (We grew up in the same house together.)  My oldest sister would make us hot cocoa with Hersheys Cocoa Powder.  Sometimes she would use milk and sometimes water.  However, anytime she made us the cocoa was be the right time.  It was always so rich and flavorful.  My niece and I were not necessarily the rambunctious types but I am sure her cocoa would settle us down.  It just made you feel all warm inside both literally and figuratively.

So, it quickened my heartbeat a little when I found out today is National Cocoa Day.  This past weekend I enjoyed my favorite dessert - Chocolate Molten Cake lying on a bed of raspberries and served with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Yum!  Sure would like to have that now.  I partook of this treat at the Ritz Carlton who also have a Cocoa Bar.  I have got to go back and do some more research. 

It's not too late to celebrate National Cocoa Day.  Go and make yourself some hot chocolate.  Better yet, indulge in a cocoa laced dessert later this week.  Make sure you think of me when you do.  Stay posted; I hope to indulge in one more cocoa dessert later this week as well that you need to know about.  You know I will present it to you in a later blog.


--Deirdre Pippins AKA Seasoning Queen

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