Coconuts & Avocados: Candy from Strangers, Hawaii Style


James and his truck full of coconuts

Meet James.

James was born and raised in Alaska. Ten years ago he was given a coconut, and after one taste it became his favorite food. A few days later, his teacher gave him a one way plane ticket to anywhere in the US. He now fetches coconuts from trees in Poipu, Kauai in Hawaii, and carves them into drinkable masterpieces at scenic lookout points for tips for a living.

If you ask James what his second favorite food is (I went there), he’ll tell you it’s avocado. If you ask him what he does with avocado, he’ll tell you: he blends it with banana, coconut water, cashews and any seeds he has laying around and makes a creamy spread. And if you tell him “that sounds out of this world!” he might fetch a big jar of it from under the driver’s seat of his palm tree-covered pickup truck, and let you take a spoonful. (Out of this world, indeed!)

Two all-natural, scrumptious Hawaiian treats in one… not to mention the beautiful waterfall you came to see!
Coconut Waterfalls in Poipu

Try Zico for the best coconut water in any of the other 49 states.

And try blending up James’ creamy, nutty, avocado-banana-cashew-coconut concoction and spreading it on a piece of whole grain toast for a healthy snack– not sure how easy it’ll be to duplicate but I’ll certainly try!


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