Code Word for Love

Today my husband and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Wow! Eleven years! Anyhow, in honor of our anniversary I’m rerunning a post about our code word for love.

Oh, and to tell you that I got him 9 jars various olives: black olives, burgandy olives, kalamata olives, tipsy olives (don’t ask, I don’t know, I thought the name was cute) and and 2 lovely bottles of fancy olive oil. Now, on to that code word ……..

My Hubby was working at a synagogue when we were first dating. There were always people in his office, and they were usually doting Jewish ladies who wanted to mother him. He’d call me from work, and I’d say “I love you!” And I’d get nothin’ from him in response. Sometimes he’d say, “yeah, me too” and other times he’d kinda whisper it. God forbid if the Jewish ladies got ahold of a fresh piece of gossip!

Well, actually, those Jewish ladies were faster than FOX News and CNN. Word spread pretty darn fast. Unless he wanted the entire Jewish community to know about it, he had to show some restraint.

So, we came up with a code word for I love you. READ MORE

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