Coffee After Breakfast

I've been sleeping much better this past month - until two nights ago when my husband and I each had a beer.  That night was not near as restful.  It was exactly like most of my nights prior to this last month.  I was glad to get back to good sleep last night.

I'm also working on eating breakfast before having my first cup of coffee.  It's not really so bad.  I don't actually need the coffee right off like I used to, but I still like having it.  However, I also like savoring it after breakfast and into the post breakfast activities.

I'm about to head downstairs and brew a second cup.  I'm looking forward to it and I'm hoping that about half way in, I'll be inspired to start thinking and working on my planning.

So far it's been a good weekend and the start to a good week.  I've gotten things done, but there's plenty that will end up being done at the last minute (like normal).

My jeans are still tight around my waist and I wonder if that will ever change, but I noticed the cuffs were starting to drag on the ground.  I don't think I'm growing shorter, but I do think some change must be going on in my body.  I'm not dwelling on it because I think I'm in the stage where the disappearing fat leaves the other fat swells looking very boldly apparant.

And now off for coffee and hopefully some work.


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