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Today I accepted a challenge to write a blog post every single day for the next 30 days. So far it's going great. Here is what I just spent the last 3 minutes staring at...

20121101-065424.jpg ...and then caught myself still staring at a finished cup 3 minutes later. All the while, I was lost in thought as to what a boring Ohio DIY blogger could possibly write about for 30 straight days. I feel like I signed up for a marathon. DIY bloggers don't DIY every day, do they? Writing while under the influence of writer's block is a common state for me, but I force myself to finish. Sometimes when I get slappy or frustrated or if I stumble up to the keyboard at 3am, I do my best work. It's not unlike running without a runner's high. Not once have I gotten "high" while running (disclaimer---yes, I still mean the runner's variety), and I'm still pretty committed to doing it. I must hate myself. I enjoy my thoughts much better when I'm overtired, so maybe this will be a good challenge for me. Thanks BlogHer. You put the challenge out there to torture myself, but possibly (bright side)...something creative and worthwhile will come from it. Back to stare at my last K-Cup...

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