Coke – Breaking The Habit!

It's been a long time in coming. Today is the day I have decided to stop drinking coca-cola products. This is nothing new. I have tried a number of times to quit before only to start again, and again. I am and have been fully aware of the negative effects of soda, and only this week I read an article about soda causing heart issues. But still I allowed myself to ignore the seriousness of what I was doing to myself, and if I remember correctly, I was drinking a glass of coke as I read the enlightening article. I notice how angry and sad I feel with myself as I write this blog.

Big breath. On a regular basis I could heard myself say, oh its okay it just soda… it could be worse… and then I would list off a bunch of other unhealthy items I could have digested instead. The seriousness of what I was doing was totally lost in the distraction.

As I am writing this blog, my inner rebel persona voice is telling me to go and buy a soda. How crazy is that? The voice has stopped for now. I understand I am addicted to soda thanks in part to the ingredients, and I expect to feel some withdrawal effect such as head aches, due to the fact that I was drinking three soda's a day. But this time is different than times past. This time I made an agreement, a commitment to myself. November 17th. I agreed to love and care for my body. I have never made such an agreement with myself before. Normally I stopped because I wanted to lose weight, or when I was younger, I would stop drinking soda during 'Lent ' - Forty days seemed long enough for me to suffer without my ice-cold soda. Never had I decided for my own health and wellbeing. This is a new me!

Why now? I am 50 years old, wiser and with every day learning to understand who I am and question myself as to what level of impact do I want to have in the world.  By financially supporting products like coke, I am reinforcing unhealthy behaviors, Coca-cola and mine. I cannot control the questionable ethics of Coke's business strategy but I can control my own. For every dollar I give to Coke, I am telling them it's okay to poison and pollute. Finally, I am taking control. I'm smiling and feeling happy about my new positive impact.

Off to the kitchen, I fancy a glass of cranberry juice.



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