College Co-ed at 50

Robin's view

Well I was shocked again last week when I opened my email that said, "Mount Holyoke has made a decision please check your status." Earlier last week, after getting accepted to Smith, I was checking out the status of my other applications and nothing changed. I also checked the Mount Holyoke Facebook page and saw that many new acceptances had gone out and women were posting how happy they were. Since I didn't receive a notice I figured I'd get the tradtional letter of rejection via snail mail. I wasn't to disappointed since I got into Smith. It just doesn't feel as good being rejected I guess.

Well I did check my status and I'm ACCEPTED at Mount Holyoke too. OMG I feel so lightheaded and special. Really, I have never felt wanted. Yes my background and family dynamics gave me a sense of worthlessness and isolation and the feeling I wasn't wanted. Finally having letters telling me that they liked my hardwork ethic and my determination was so uplifting.

This all sounds so sappy to me. OMG I'm not a touchy feely type of women. Actually I'm a guys girl. I get along well with guys because I don't get overly girly. I don't cry or throw my "feelings" around. I have a hard shell. I'm loud and unlady like. So my Nana always told me. (she's right) I never saw how to change my character so I just accepted it. I wasn't frilly and I don't like girly stuff. When someone meets me for the first time the impression I make is tough and loud. So sappy feelings are all part of my growth in the last 5 yrs. This, I think, has helped me find my way to college and self-fullment and I'm glad I am finally able to find the me inside the hard shell.

My next college I am waiting for is Wellesley. I am sure I won't get into Wellesley as my transcript isn't strong in Math or Science but I'll try none the less. 

After I have that final decision I will compare financial packages and housing options and choose where I will spend the next 2/3 yrs.

Thanks all for reading.



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