College Co-ed at 50

Robin's view

So Summer Break,,, Hum what do typical Students do? Go home, get jobs, catch up with old friends and party but what do "we" non-traditional students do?

So far I've aruged with my teen, complained about the lawn, bi***ed about my older kids who are selfish don't help out and don't care and catch up on housework. Life appears exactly as it is when I'm in school but what am I going to do with all this 'extra' time? Vacation, reading, day trips? 

What I'll really be doing is recovering from major surgery and all that entails and get ready to move for my next semester as I transfer to Smith College. 

Major surgery, you say? I will be having a form of weight loss surgery which looks like its going to be a cluster butt because of the complication I have. It could set me into a 2-3 month recovery which will totally stink! I'm supposed to move my family an 1.5 hour away from our home now. Complicating this I don't know exactly where I will be living still. Smith College has family housing but 5 families and 3 apartments are available this year. If I'm not lucky to get the campus housing I will be looking for an apartment. I won't know this outcome until Middle June... Could my life get any more complicated? Hell Yes, 

I'm dealing with the Forclosure of my family home, hopefully instead to do the deed-in-leu and settle that mess I've been living with since my divorce in 2010. Knowing I would be in this position was never possible and I feel terrible that my life has come to this. This all swirls around in my brain night and day, guilt, stress, worry, uncertainty, excitement and hope. I feel like a real rollercoaster from hour to hour sometimes. 

What is evident to me, School is so much easier and I miss it......

Till next time

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