The Color Run and The Glow Run: My First 5K's

So I was going to make a blog post a couple weeks ago when I did my first 5K, which was The Color Run but I knew I was also wanting to discuss my participation in the Glow Run as well. Why not just condense the blog and post about the both of them!

On May 31st I complete my first 5K which was The Color Run. Yeah it isn't a true timed 5K but it is meant to be a fun way to get exercise and also have fun with your friends. My friend Tina is the one that convinced me to sign up and do it as she knows that I am wanting to get back into working out and getting in shape and I am so happy that I listened to her. We did the morning walk/run and the weather was a beautiful! We got lucky because there was a chance of rain but it seemed mother nature was being nice that day and made it partly cloudy with a nice breeze.

If you've never done a 5K let me explain how crowded it does will be sweating based off the body heat alone from standing and waiting to run/walk. With both runs we did waves, meaning they let so many people go and then stopped and then after a couple minutes let another group go. They do this so it isn't congested and it is easier for people that want to run, run and the people that want to walk, walk. Another thing to be aware of is that kids are allowed to run in these 5K's and they are definitely enthused about all the color that will be thrown on them. 

Speaking of the color, there are 4 stations (Yellow, Blue, Purple and Pink). The volunteers "throw" powdered color on you but don't worry it doesn't stain (granted I did hear those that have blonde hair have to be careful with the colors). I didn't have any issue with the color causing me to itch or causing any other reaction. The fun thing about this run is the face that it isn't timed, so that gives people the opportunity to stop and just go crazy with the color. You remember how I said they throw it on people, well it lands on the floor and people will either roll in it or pick it up and throw it on themselves. I mean hello, the name of the run is The Color Run, you best have lots of color on you at the end of it. It was definitely a lot of fun and the course was nice as well. For those that feel this isn't a true run, please just bite me. No matter if it is timed or not, I think people going out there and getting in their exercise, then they are doing a true run. 

At the end of the race there is a party for everyone that completed as well as the spectators. Everyone gets one bag of powdered color and goes to the stage area and counting down from 10, they throw the color in the air at the same time dusting everyone in a cloud of color. It truly is an amazing thing to see and it's wonderful to see everyone having such a great time and just being silly. I was definitely happy that I did the run and of course was looking forward to the next 5K in a couple weeks, which brings me to...

The Glow Run 5K which I took part in last night. Yep this is one of the night runs that I have been interested in for a while. Again my friend Tina is the one that convinced me to do this one and again, I am so happy that I listened to her. 

We headed out to Arrowhead Stadium at 7:30 (arrived at 8pm) and got all our glow gear on and went to join the festivities. They had a Zumba class going on to pump everyone up for the run but we decided to sit out and catch up (we hadn't seen each other for a while). The great thing about running last night was the fact that the weather was perfect! There was a fantastic breeze and the temp was about mid/upper 70's. 

At 9pm the race started and they again did waves as well, we were part of the 5th wave and started the race at 9:08. It was definitely fun running amoungest all of the glow lights that people had on. I tell ya, with these kinds of 5K's you can see how creative people can be. I definitely am taking pointers for the next 5K I have which takes place in August. Throughout this particular race they have stops were you can take pictures under blacklights, we opted not to stop because we wanted to finish the race at a quicker time. Again it was nice to see everyone having a great time and just having fun while also getting some exercise. I am definitely one of those people that feels that getting exercise should be somewhat fun!


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