Color Trends: Blue and White

Color combination blue and white is classic and timeless, and has been a color combination that I have always loved and has never gone out of style.  You cannot go wrong!  In the past five years, we have seen a resurgence of the classic color combo blue and white, and at High Point blue and white was very prevalent.


The blue and white combination is versatile and expands continents and countries.  Throughout history, many countries have used this classic color combination whether it's in tile, textiles, accessories, and artwork.   These two colors remind us of nature, reminiscent of the sea and the sky--we are naturally drawn to it.  Because blue and white is seen in nature, it often can be read as a neutral, the backdrop to other colors.   Blue and white is classic, sophisticated, and fun, and it is also mixes well with other colors.  Donna's Blog: Blue & White, Mabley Handler

Mabley Handler Interior Design


So how do we use this color combination with?  Introduce the use of textures and patterns.  By adding multiple patterns and layering textures, creates interest and depth.  Pair the color duo against dark wood tones for more contrast and pop, but pairing the duo with lighter finishes are just as intriguing.  It's all about the feel you want to evoke in a space.

Donna's Blog: Blue & White
designer Healing Barsanti, House Beautiful, photographer Douglas Friedman


Donna's Blog: Blue & White, Jack Fhillips
designer Jack Fhillips, Traditional Home, photographer Robert Brantley


Donna's Blog: Blue & White, House Beautiful
designer David Lawrence, House Beautiful, photographer Jose Picayo


Also, don't think of blue and white as the typical navy and white.  While those are the most common color combinations we see in the blue and white duo, think of other hues in the blue and white color palette.  Think soft blues or bright, vibrant blues paired with creamy whites or soft grays.



Donna's Blog: Blue & White, House Beautiful
House Beautiful, photographer Francesco Lagnese


Or if you aren't particularly keen on designing your entire room around blue and white, use it in your accessories.


Donna's Blog: Blue & White, Traditional Home
Traditional Home, photographer Gordon Beall


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