Comedian Tig Notaro Takes the Stage at BlogHer '14

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Tig Notaro took the stage with BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page to talk life, personal setbacks, and what happens when you go viral—when you don't really know what going viral means. That's right. This not-on-Twitter comedian didn't realize people were tweeting and blogging a set of hers at Largo in Los Angeles, and woke up to an overflowing inbox, book deals, and you name it. She was baffled.

Tig also talks boundaries in skits, her creative process, and makes the audience laugh with her wit.

I know. Now you want to hear the amazing, viral sketch, right? You can purchase it online and listen for yourself. You can also keep up-to-date with Tig on her Facebook Fan Page, but as she said, she's not on Twitter. If you're interested in catching her on tour, she's just about everywhere from here through the end of the year. We are so thankful that she stopped and spoke with us at BlogHer '14.

Don't forget to check out our other video, session notes, and photos from the conference. There's still a bit more coming up, so stick with us!


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