The Comforting Art of Brinner

(originally posted on My Really, Real Reality)

Brinner...  Mm mm....  Just thinking about it makes me smile.

What's that? Did someone just ask "What's brinner?"  Brinner = Breakfast for Dinner.  It's one of lives little pleasures.  All the yummy goodness of breakfast; without that whole annoying having-to-get-up-early thing!

I personally love brinner.  I say this, as if I have ever met anyone who doesn't like brinner.  I can honestly say I've never met a single person who said "Oh, I don't really like to eat breakfast food for dinner".  And thinking about it - I can't imagine what would ever possess someone to defy the comforting tastiness of brinner.  Unless, maybe, they just don't like breakfast food in general.

What is it about mixing up the meals?  What exactly is so comforting about having an evening meal of bacon, eggs and biscuits?  Or maybe a stack of pancakes and bacon.  (Or pretty much anything with bacon.  Bacon is enough salty deliciousness to dedicate an entire post of praise for it alone!)  Whatever it is, it works!  

I feel confident I can turn around the entire mood of my household just by dragging out the electric griddle and starting the bacon while whipping up some pancake batter!  Those frowns turn upside down.  Even the dog gets in on the act.  He sees that griddle on the counter and refuses to leave the kitchen, knowing something good is about to happen.  (I probably created this particular monster by making him his own little pancake each time) 

Can one have too much brinner?   Is there actually a point where it becomes too much of a good thing?  Possibly.  But I  haven't found that line and crossed it yet.  I admit to fixing brinner about once every week to 10 days.  Yep, I like it just that much!

We had brinner just last night.  And I'm already thinking about the next time I'll fix it!


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