Comforting myself with the fact that it's educational

I'm feeling really guilty about something.


This morning I distracted my ten month old daughter with a cartoon (Dinosaur Train) while I shoved about 4 oz of yogurt into her gaping maw while she watched.


I've talked a little bit about it over on my blog; the doctor has told us she's underweight and that we need to feed her more. Enter my child who would rather wipe the food all over her face than put it in her mouth. A child who also is on the go nonstop from the moment she wakes up until it's time to go to bed.


It's easy to say "get three meals and two snacks into your kid." It's a different story to actually accomplish this some days.


Breakfast is really a challenge. Not only do we usually have limited time to get things packed up and ready for daycare, but the last thing Sophie wants to do is sit in one spot and do one thing. And seriously, I'm worried that if she doesn't show some progress in the weight department (we weigh in next month) that the doctor is going to force a bunch of ridiculous tests on her. I would like to avoid a throwdown in the pediatrician's office.


So this morning, after she had tossed a second spoonful of yogurt on to my shirt, I flipped on PBS. She was captivated. I fed her the entire container of yogurt. There was no fighting. There was no flinging. It was magical.


Yes, I know they say you shouldn't let your kid watch TV before they turn 2. And before I had a kid, I was all for this idea. It seemed perfectly reasonable. And then I found out that I could turn on a cartoon for 20 minutes and get something done, like feed her breakfast. Or get dressed. Or actually DRY AND STYLE my hair.


So yes, I caved. At least I did this morning. How terrible should I be feeling about this? But seriously,  I'm also  learning a helluva lot about dinosaurs.


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