Coming to America

So, here I am. 2 weeks into my new life in Redding, CA. To say that it's been an adjustment would be a statement. Not an undertstatement, not an overstatement just a statement.

The fact is, that our world has become really small. So, it does feel in many ways that I just went out of town for a couple of months and it's not that much of a big deal. I talk to my family everyday, I see them via Skype and Facebook every other day. Whenever something crazy happens, I I.M my friends on WhatsApp or Twitter and depending on how big the event is, video call them as soon as I need to.

I thought becasue I've watched so many movies and read so many blogs, the adjustment would be just as simple.

The thought died quickly when I found myself crying on my bathroom floor after one of my (amazing) housemates asked me how I was and I realized, I'm not good.

This is different. Granted, I picked the best city in the world to come to. A small city, so heavily impacted by this Church I get to serve and learn from, that they are so welcome of me before they even know me, simply becasue I belong to this Church.

A small rural city also means that I stick out like a sore thumb. This was made so much more evident at the International Students Reception I went to a couple days ago and realized, there weren't that many students from Africa. South Africa is one thing.  South Africa is barely Africa. I mean deep in the heart of Africa like I am. Although Nairobi is also trending to the "not to deep Africa" as well.

So it has been an adjustment. The food is different better in some ways, more cheese which is always good! And guess what, Americans don't speak my language!!! I came from having a car to trusting God for rides. Frm having money and freedom to eat out whenever I wanted to, to counting every cent and making sure I can SURVIVE! From not knowing what it meant to "feel the presence of God" to feeling Him all the time. My heart has been challenged but my faith has grown. I wouldn't change any of this. I wouldn't trade any of this experience for anything.

It's an adjustment, but I am learning and growing. For my sake and for the sake of the world. Wherever God sends me next, I will be ready.







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