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If you’re like me, you could put most of your favorite mom blogs into one of two categories.

There are the moms who inspire us like Rae at Journey Mama, the ones whose positive outlook or easy self confidence or relentless enthusiasm or idyllic photographs make us want to be better- better mothers, better wives or single moms, better friends, better daughters. Just. Better.

Then there are the moms who make us feel like we’re doing fine just the way we are. A few that come to mind are Amanda at Blabbermouse and Crystal at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. These moms share with the world all of their most hilarious foibles, their most embarrassing missteps, their most secret thoughts. They help us realize that we’re not alone.

We’re going to be talking about some of our favorite moms from both these categories in our next episode of Backtalk, which will be posted here on Wednesday, February 18th.

For our second episode, I also got a chance to interview a mom blogger who inspires me about as much as anyone I can think of. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s going to share some helpful tips on what to say and what not to say to a woman who’s had a miscarriage or lost a child.

In the meantime, my fellow Backtalk mamas and I are working on upcoming episodes, and we’d love nothing more than to feature you, your blogs, and your video! You can upload your video right here on BlogHer's video page. So fire up those webcams!

Here are a few questions for you to think about…

  • What do you love about your kid's school? What do you hate? What do you think about the state of our education system right now? Come on, ladies, we want your rants, your raves, and your no-holds-barred opionions!

  • How is the economy affecting your family? Are you or your spouse out of a job? Are you saving in the event that one of you gets laid off down the road? Are you feeling anxiety or powerlessness over what's going on?

  • For those of you with one child, what are the most insensitive remarks people have made about your decision to have "just one?" On the flip side, for those of you with large families, what are some of the stupidest things people have said to you about your brood? Why does family size matter so much to perfect strangers?

If you’ve written a blog post relating to any of these issues, please share the link with us in the comments of this post. And if you’d like to send us a video response to any of these questions, it just might be used in a future episode! Just upload your video either to our video page or use any other video sharing service and leave us the link.

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