Coming Clean—I am a little Crazy!

Me, WAYYYY at the front of the room, doing what I love to do--striving to inspire women to LIVE WELL


Why do I keep doing all this? Life would be a little simpler and a lot less busy if I didn’t worry about sending out Face Book posts every morning. I wouldn’t feel so frazzled if I determined to simply stop writing about wellness each week on my blogs both personal and professional. Oh, and presentations! Without preparing outlines and materials about Clean Eating, Stress and Sanity Savers, etc. I would actually have time to read the parenting books that have been sitting my bedside table.


I am doing this because I believe in the value of mind-body-spirit wellness. It is my personal mission to make as many women live and breathe it too. While that may sound a little looney (or pushy in some people’s perspective). But, I have come to define my own personal pursuit of living WELL in such a way that I am incapable of not passing that on. It has not, as many might see it, stifled or restricted my pleasures but it has set me free to feel like ME.


I have never so clearly and desperately wanted to pass along a personal passion as I do now. Learning to live well IN MY OWN LIFE with my own parameters has been life changing.


Living well is not the pursuit of taking part in a less than palate-pleasing eating plan or a cookie cutter exercise regimen. It is not what we have often set our sights on in the ultra-thin world of magazines, modeling or well-meaning fashion makers. Quite to the contrary.

Living well is learning to define your own best life and live within those unique intentions. I have freed myself of what I used to focus on even as social images still bombard us from all angles. I allow myself to determine what living well means to me and it has resulted in the health and body that I am comfortable with beyond what I ever was before. I am not quite as voluptuous, my face has begun to show age spots a bit and from time to time I let my hair get to grey without much concern.

See that little streak in my hair? That is the first signs of grey and after another 2 weeks, the full front starts gleaming with greyness


I am the only person walking this earth with this body, mind, and spirit. It is mine to live well within and so it should not appear like any other. MY LIFE well lived looks just like ME.


For me, living well includes healthy eating because, honestly, it makes me feel physically alive and well. Exercise seems to open my mind, release apprehensions and coax out of me the clarity I need for the day. Both provide a sense of accomplishment and freedom.

Living well also means connecting more deeply with my desires, creating moments of calm and finding joy even in mundane daily life. I’ve had to work hard and still stumble in this area most often as I succumb to stress and my personal struggles. But, I know that including my mind and spirit in my tangible attempts to live well creates the foundation from which everything else blossoms.

So, yes, I am a little crazy about living well! I have found my personal stomping grounds and I am stomping loud and hard and hoping that you will hear me.

Define what living well means to you and get crazy about it! Love your body enough to live well mind-body-spirit. The result will be your best body and that LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU.


Crazy for Living Well,



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