Coming Full Circle

So I started my new job this week……… It’s pretty awesome.

Its challenging, interesting, and……it’s also in the same organization my mother just retired from after 35 years of service.

Yes, the place that my mom worked when I was born, where I attended Christmas parties for the staff children, where I used to race my sister down the hallways in office chairs after hours….well it is where I report to work each day.

It’s funny how things come full circle isn’t it? I remember as a kid having to do a report on my parent’s career. At that time I though I would “never” work for the same organization my Mom did. I was in Grade 9 and thought I was knew everything. (I didn’t and still don’t). . I was going to be a Teacher in a school, that was the only option.

Things change….pure and simple..and the funny thing is? Even though I kill myself trying, I couldn’t (can’t) change them. I had to realize that I had to be resilient, and roll with the punches. In the process…I began to learn more about myself.

So I went down the road less travelled. It’s bumpy, sometimes crappy icy…but it’s leading me to the greater things I know are in store for me.

Coming full circle is good, but I have to say at times it’s pretty weird. On my first day in my new job, a total of 15 people stopped me in the hallway to inquire after my Mom. Another 20 looked at me funny in the cafeteria as if to say “you look somewhat familiar”

My desk computer wasn’t hooked up on my first day, despite having the requisition approved a month earlier. When the technician finally came to set it up, he said ” oh wow, we are so sorry it took so long. If we knew it was you, it would have been here sooner”. ( same thing happened with my blackberry) My mom happened to be in charge of this area when she worked there.

Good friends of my mom ( who are also in high ranking positions) stop me in the hallway to chat…you can imagine how this goes over when trying to make new work friends!

Someone in my family asked me recently; “By taking this new job, aren’t you throwing away all your hard work and University training as a Teacher?”

As hurtful hard as this was to hear, it finally brought me to a realization. I will always be a teacher. I have a rambunctious three year old who loves to learn. In the future, he will have a brother or sister who will also love to learn. I will always be in a situation to impart knowledge in whichever way I can. The rest? Well it will all fall into place.


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