Michigan Lawmakers Can't Stop Talking About Vaginas, But Where's the Action?

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Dahlia Lithwick at Slate also had a clever response to the insanity. She proposed that the Michigan House immediately pass a bill to regulate how “vagina” is used by women in mixed company:

The bill will include Part A(1)(a) providing that any women who seeks to use the word vagina in a floor debate be required to wait 72 hours after consulting with her physician before she may say it. It will also require her physician to certify in writing that said woman was not improperly coerced into saying the word vagina against her will. Section B(1)(d) provides that prior to allowing a female to say the word vagina a woman will have a mandatory visit with her physician at which he will read to her a scripted warning detailing the scientific evidence of the well-documented medical dangers inherent in saying the word vagina out loud, including the link between saying the word vagina and the risk of contracting breast cancer.

On Twitter, the vagina meme also exploded:

While all this was very entertaining, particularly for the media, who tend to get easily bored and love these kinds of sexy stories, it was also deadly serious. My biggest fear is that women will get mad for a moment, and then fail to act.

I’ll just say one more thing. One of the passengers I met on the ship was a wealthy developer from New York. Not that he looked like it, with his messy beard and tendency to favor sweat pants and flip-flops. He has three daughters, including one who’s in medical school. He told me he couldn’t believe the backlash against abortion and birth control—battles he thought had long been won. It was wonderful to her this from a middle-aged guy, I have to say. To know that men are worried about this issue too. But he also couldn’t believe how passive women have been as their rights have been steadily taken away.

“Where are the women?” he asked.

I don’t know, I said.


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