Coming out of the MLM closet

 HI All,

So I just returned from my 2nd conference in 1 week. Last weekend I was in St Paul attending an AMAZING Conference call The Creative Connection /BlogHer Handmade. And this wekend I was in Anaheim for a Sujper, up and coming MLM company called NuCerity. Yes, I'm a big cheerleader for Home Based Businesses.

NuCerity happens to be a "Skin Repair" company that has "The Worlds Only Breathable Masque". i've used it for 1 1/2  years . I wanted to look younger, Less stressed, and thanks to HD, It's not getting any easier! You know what I mean.   

Here are a few interesting things I learned this weekend :

In today's Crazy economy, if you want to earn $200 more a month ,you need $ $452,830 IN THE BANK. Are you kidding me?

If you need $500 extra a month you need $1,132,074 in the bank. This is crazy.

No wonder Donald Trump & Warren buffet invested & created their own MLN companies.

The 2 words I heard at these shows.... Diversification & re-invention.

Mom was right....Create your own destiny,  work for yourself, and NEVER look or tell your age!

XO The (NON) Face Lift Fairy   


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