"Coming Out" as Undocumented: The Children of Immigration; The Definition of American (Room 11B)

Last month, inspired by a march of teenage undocumented immigrants, Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Jose Antonio Vargas "came out" as an undocumented immigrant. Or an illegal alien, depending on your perspective. His was a story of being brought here as a youth, discovering his real status years later, and then, yes, covering it up and living with constant apprehension, coupled with a drive to overachieve and prove his worth as an American. Immigration is a political hot potato, yet nothing seems to get done. It's a daily story in our host city of San Diego, and a "somebody else's problem" kind of story for many of us. If nothing else, Vargas' story proves that we actually don't know whose problem it might be... our friend, our colleague, our kid's BFF. Lisa Stone will moderate a conversation with Vargas himself, his Define American colleague and Fox News contributor, Jehmu Greene, the high school principal who helped him, Pat Hyland, and two Southern Californians: Irvine, CA progressive blogger Adriana Maestas and Erica Holloway, a conservative consultant from San Diego.