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Hi everyone,

After dabbling in video over the past couple of years -- at BlogHer conferences, with holiday recipes in 2006, with then-Senator Barack Obama and the 2008 political conventions -- BlogHer's taking the plunge into videoblogging. Tomorrow we launch a new vlog: BlogHer Backtalk (

Why videoblogging? Since we launched three years ago, has ballooned into the second-largest search engine in the world. For to deliver on our mission as a one-of-a-kind news service devoted to raising the profile of what women are writing and saying on our blogs, it's essential that start sharing your news in video, as well as text.

The focus of our first BlogHer Backtalk episodes will be parenting. Of the 14 million women our network reaches every month, the majority are parents. And after watching mainstream television attempt to cover moms who blog, we knew there was room for an authentic alternative. The bloggers we invited to kick off the conversation -- Lindsay Ferrier, Chris Jordan, Kelly Wickham and Erin Kotecki Vest -- were excited to launch BlogHer Backtalk as a news service about what's really happening on parenting blogs, to spotlight amazing stories and issues that those of us in the community consider most important.

We're also starting with parenting for much the same reason we kicked off the BlogHer Publishing Network with parenting blogs back in 2006: Because video production is not free, and sponsors are very excited about parenting. It's a hot space! As one example, you may have seen Momversation on our network, featuring some members (congratulations you all!). As with the first 34 BlogHers who helped pioneer our publishing network, moms who blog are helping lead the way for all of us to being compensated in some way for our work. And if this initiative is a success? The sky's the limit on new topics. BlogHer Backtalk Green? BlogHer Backtalk Tech? BlogHer Backtalk Career? As always, our goal is to develop this initiative to serve our mission: Creating opportunities for women who blog.

To deliver on this opportunity, we want to partner with you. As members of, you already are invited to blog here and share links to your latest writing on your own blogs. When goes live tomorrow, you'll see that the BlogHer team has worked with the terrific crew at to build a video channel that offers a series of tools where you can easily upload your own videos to the site. Join us! We'd love to feature you.

We're excited about taking this next step to showcase your work. Now that's enough talk from me -- we look forward to hearing what you think tomorrow. Bring on the Backtalk!


For Elisa, Jory and Lisa
BlogHer Co-Founders


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