Coming to your next paycheck soon

With the recent talks of all the buy outs that are starting to take affect, I want to listen to the news about it, I want to hear the president on what he is saying. I just can't!!! I hear the sentence of 'Buyouts' and I start to get that knot in my stomach as if I just ate something very sour.
These buy outs may appear to be something good for the business, but its really bad for you and I. We are talking billions of dollars that you and I are going to have fork over in our taxes our money that we are trying to earn. That's a lot of money to be forking over. I don't know about you, but I can barley make it now. We don't do much as we used to 10+ yrs ago, and really its starting to take its toll. I am no physhartrist but I can tell you it does have a huge affect on how mentally it can wear on a person.

If you are used to going places, and even it were just going fishing (which we would take some trips to go fishing) has now resulted in having to even budget going fishing..that my friends is pretty sad. You figure, you have to either eat well before you go, or pack a lunch. (You know you will not be able to go out to eat) due to the rising cost of gas. Then, you need to plan the rest of the week around that trip to make sure you can afford it as driving the child to school, and then cheer practice, then picking me up from work. (that takes a huge chunk out of the gas meter) So, the simple things in life have now resulted in planning, and those simple things that we used to be able to do on the drop of the dime result in an argument to go or not to go.

I can have that argument just with myself and it usually goes
Ok, we are going to go and do something, even if it means just going fishing..we need to get out of this house and do something...{Oh, wait, ok, she has a cheer game on Friday, and Band and then we have enough gas money to do this}
Dang, it we need to go, we haven't done anything in 3 weeks.

**side note** No, I am not crazy, you know you all have those conversations with yourself..(maybe not on the same subject..but you do)

Anyway, we try the best we can, with what we have. We do things, and not like we used to and try to find ways around. I just cannot imange anymore being taken out of my paycheck when there is already not enough to go around. How is eveyone else feeling about this?


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