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We all love the finer things in life, but we can’t always afford it. I always say; “It’s not about the cost, it’s about how you wear it”. We all know that even the richest people out there can still look cheap, money is not what makes you look good; it’s your sense of fashion. As a fashion lover that constantly changes jobs and has to limit herself at times because of my over spending habits, through the years i have learned to look expensive without spending much. 

What should we do to make ourselves look expensive without spending loads of money? Over time i have done my research and put together my findings. I have put together a few posts regarding this topic, with the first one concentrating on my personal style and preferences. 

I personally think that neutral colors and all black or white gives you that chic look and it even hides imperfections. Imperfections on a bright top is easier to notice than on a black top. Black is my ultimate favorite….i would wear it on  a daily baisis if it we’re up to me because it adds so much sophistication to any occasion. 

Shoes, my ultimate addiction. When trying to find something to wear i always have a problem beacuse i have more shoes than clothes. I love pointy shoes, they can be worn with anything, from jeans to shorts and they never go out of style. I have found cute shoes with amazing sales in Steve Madden, you can never go wrong with buy one pair and get the other half off. I always choose to wear very high heels, but in any rare ocassion that i opt for flats i like to wear black ballet flats, that is only  if they look brand new because wearing flats that have scratches all over and look wasted are not cute.

Sunglasses, big glasses give you that million dollar look  as Jackie-O would say  "Fabulous sunglasses are a must", On the other hand aviators are trendy, impart sophistication and style to your look. I always find designer sunglasses in this site offers a huge variety of name brands at a resonable price. 

Hair, Nails and Make-Up, my main three focal points. There is no use in looking chic without adding the glam, which consists of these three. Hair is everything to the woman, when your having a bad hair day your whole wardrobe is pointless, having your nails done says a lot about your personality; it means that you take care of yourself and that you like to look the part, when it comes to make-up less is more; natural beauty will always make you stand out....ladies please keep it to a minimum beacuse you wanna look like a lady not a clown. 

Lastly would be Jewelry,  If you want to make your outfit stand out wearing cocktail jewelry, like: a statement ring, necklace or ear cuff will give you that glam touch. When i am looking for sophisticated jewelry at a reasonable price i tend to go to aldo or 

Take where you are going into consderation, looking fab is a must, but one must dress according to the occasion, That is why when invited to an event, brunch, dinner..etc it is always good to ask where it will take place, search online for the venue and look at pictures, so you can get an idea on how you should dress that day. 


Cynthia Roque

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