Commentary: Palin's misquote of Albright...going to Hell!

Belonging to the sisterhood of women around the world is indeed a
privilege.  When I was a young woman I would lash out at the lack of
support for women. We were denied the amendment to the constitution
that would have added with "women" alongside the word "equal.   People
that were a lot wiser or more powerful than women like me saw that it
was not needed.  In fact there were women like Phyllis Schlafly that
thought it was not only unnecessary but that women would be denied
privileges, unisex restrooms would appear and she saw it as a threat to
the institution of marriage. After the Equal Rights Amendment has been
approved in 35 states, she was instrumental in blocking it's
ratification, denying the amendment the 3 remaining states needed for
it to pass.

While women were painfully aware that not all women were created
equal, nor were all women worthy of respect and support, women seemed
to step up their support of each other after ERA failed.   In fact, it
is because of this history that women have been staunch supporters of
other women.

The realization is coming in Election 2008 that is about to change. 
Enough women have risen to places of prominence and power that we now
have choices and benchmarks to compare the capable, qualified women
with the one that does not measure up.  Women are getting choosy about
who they support.

Madeleine Albright said, "There's a place in Hell reserved for women
who don't help other women.”  Women should not be choosy about which
woman they help...they still need all the help they can get.

However, Governor Sarah Palin stepped into a hornet’s nest when she
misquoted Albright words on a Starbuck cup.  She  must have realized it
when Albright herself  spoke to the gaff in The Huffinton Post
yesterday.  In misquoting Albright, Palin using the word "support"
instead of "help".  The real mistake Palin made though, was in actually
using the word Hell that Albright had used.  It is far too closely
related to a message of damnation for women that don't follow her ideal
or want to vote for her.  No one, especially not women like me, wants
to be told that they will go to hell if they don't agree with another
person's ideals. Many woman have interpreted this misquote to say just
exactly that.

So, here is what I think...if Governor Palin needs help with
improving her education or overcoming problems in her life, other women
will line up to help her.  If she wants women to follow her blindly
because she is a woman, it is not going to work.  We are not making our
choices based on gender.  We are making our choices based on intellect
and the ideals set out by the candidates.  There are far to many
choices these days!

Just a thought!




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