Toxic Houseplants to Pets

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"What's wrong with Dick Ficus?" I asked at the end of an editorial meeting recently. "His leaves keep turning yellow and falling off."

That set editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison off on a tirade against the ficus plant. "They're not real plants! It doesn't matter what you do or if you mist or don't mist or how humid your apartment is -- THEY WILL ALWAYS DIE."

Shortly after we got off the call, Stacy sent me a list of top 10 hardest to kill houseplants. But I was immediately suspicious, because the whole reason I bought the damn ficus was because it isn't poisonous to cats.

Easter lily


Credit Image: Irish Typepad on Flickr



We had an Easter lily in the house and even though I never saw my poor sweet kitty touch it, she went from perfectly normal to dead of acute kidney failure in three days. I had no idea when I brought the plant into my home that Easter lilies are extremely poisonous to cats. When I found that out, I vowed never to bring another plant into my home without checking out whether or not it's even remotely toxic again.

Now I'm completely paranoid about toxic plants and pets. So I cross-referenced Stacy's list against the ASPCA's toxic plant list, and yes, we're all doomed. Check it out.


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