Common Misconceptions of Moving

maybe it's only me, but i keep placing a 'whole new life' feeling on moving to our new place. we are moving less than a mile away so it really isn't a whole new life. our kids will be in the same schools, our zip code stays the same, but i keep looking at our new house through a rose colored lens. yes, it will be bigger and closer to the beach. so these are facts that are nice, but here are some unrealistic things my brain keeps thinking...beach house

i will have more time i am going to workout more, i'm going to be at the gym all the time. i am going to do more projects around the house and make things. i am going to have a gorgeous potted garden with herbs and tomatoes, i will be at the beach all the time, and my house will be perfectly clean 24/7.

the house will stay clean as if on it's own it will magically always be clean. the kids will suddenly clean up after themselves by sheer fact that we have a new address.

i will have the style of a famous home designer by moving, my decorating and sense of style will become effortlessly trendsetting perfect.

i will instantly eat healthier living near the farmers market, i plan to go each week and with my garden, cooking and eating healthier will be a snap. the whole family will totally love all the healthy dishes i make.

i will have more money to spend on all of the above...

clearly these are misconceptions. i can have some goals, nest, and make our house a home. and that will be enough. i have to keep in mind i won't suddenly be granted more hours in the day, win the lottery, or have robot children (which sounds terrible anyway). have you ever made something bigger than it really was?



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