Common Questions About Vitamins

By Jo Garcia Lifestyle Blogger.

Whether you are thinking about taking vitamins or already a regular user, you may still have some questions around these helpful nutritional supplements. You’re not alone in your curiosity, and that’s why we thought you might like to look at some FAQ’s that we most often receive about vitamin usage.

Women taking supplement

What time of day should I take my vitamins?
Most supplements should be taken with your largest meal of the day in order to help with proper digestion and absorption. If you have any questions regarding when you should take supplements, please contact your doctor.

How much is right for me?
Here is a list from the FDA of vitamin supplements and their recommended “daily values” (DVs). With any dose of any supplement, your doctor will know best if a medical condition will cause you to adjust your DV. So, if you are concerned, consult your doctor before raising or lowering your dosage.

Is the expiration date important?
You don’t have to throw out that bottle just yet. All supplements slowly weaken with age, but don’t be concerned that they will make you ill; they just won’t be as strong as your regular dose. It’s up to you to determine whether it makes sense to throw the bottle out or take a potentially lower dose.

Where is the best place to store vitamins?
A lot of people keep their vitamins in their medicine cabinet in the bathroom, but this could cause you some problems. The warm, moist conditions found in most bathrooms tend to degrade vitamins and other supplements over time. So where’s a better choice? Keep them somewhere you can see them daily so you don’t forget them; just make sure that this location is cool and dry. The nightstand is an excellent choice.

If I take prescription medications, can I still take supplements?
The answer is yes, but only a doctor can help you balance your health with your supplements. Next time you visit your doctor tell him the supplements you’re taking or would like to take; better to be safe than sorry!