Communicaiton Changes

Letter writing and its demise is on the docket for today's February challenge blog post. Sending and receiving letters by regular postal carriers has been a mainstay of family life for the past century or more. Where has that tradition gone?

The exploration of this topic could fill a book. My post today only scaped the surface. Technology and social needs--in more ways than the computer era--has been shifting us away from traditional methods of communication for decades. First the telephone moved in to take away need for frequent letters between family members, businesses, and governments. Radio and television gained ground rapidly due to its entertainment value as well as news casting speed.

Newspapers felt the impact of the wireless age. Subscriptions began to falter gradually. By the time computer technology moved out of the Fortune 500 and into the homes of regular citizens, the volcano of rapid-fire communication was ready to blow the lid off traditional forms.

The pinch that newspapers felt from radio and television has come home to impact those disruptors of the written news story. The Internet has entered a war with networks and radio communications worldwide. How can you monitor something that doesn't exist in a physical sense? Even China hasn't been able to shut down or fully control the influence and availability of infomraiton brokering via the Internet.

Knowing that, how can we believe that such a traditional object as the personal letter will survive this onslaught of speed-driven communication? 

Even now, I ask these questions of millions of people within a few minutes, without regard for physical distances or cultural impact.

I will ask one other question for the reader to ponder along with those above. Has speedy communications helped humanity or has it removed our ability to think things through; not just within the form of communication and how we express ourselves and our ideas, but also how we approach the world and its operation?

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