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Every morning between 5:00 A.M and 7:00 A.M my neighbors and I meet at the picnic table for coffee and tea. It is something we started 4 years ago.  Rain or shine, cold or hot, you are guaranteed to find us starting with good conversation and laughter. Our group is anywhere from 3 to 10 great folk, young and old. We are a family. We also include pets in our little circle of friends. These pets unfortunately are abandoned, lost and homeless. This summer an old rugged dog found his way to our picnic table hungry and in desperate need of human compassion. Of course our policy is to make sure no pets leaves hungry. That is sometimes a mistake because the strayed animals have no reason to leave as long as we are there to feed them. This old German Shepherd had a hard time getting around and what we would have given to only be able to bathe him! We named him Frank who knows why? Every morning Frank would greet us and keep us company and in the evening he would lay on my front porch. Frank stayed with us for at least 3 weeks until his owner happily found him. We were sad to see him leave but happy to know he had a home.

Last week our little circle of friends came upon a stray kitten. This kitten couldn't be more than 10 to 12 weeks old. Beautiful feline with charcoal gray coat. We all voted to call him/her Smokey. Smokey has definitely won our hearts! I started by feeding it warm milk while my friends supplied a little pet food. We've never been able to pet Smokey nor have we been able to hold him. My garage door, goodness, has a hole at the bottom of the door. I've purchased a new door but never installed it. The kitten has found refuge in my garage. With winter just around the corner this kitten will need a safe place to shelter itself from the cold and not too mention other bigger animals that may roam around.

On Monday I decided to do some shopping for Smokey. I bought a bag of kitten food, a double bowl for food and water and some toys and placed it in the corner of the garage. Tomorrow, i will be going to the second hand store to buy some blankets, many blankets so I can make a warm bed for Smokey. I have a gift for Smokey but before I can give him/her this gift Smokey will have to build some trust. You see I figured when Smokey is ready to be petted or handled and believe me, this little kitten wants to be picked up and held so badly, that the fear is still to powerful. Once he feels safe and secure with me, I want to take him to the vet and get him/her fixed and vaccinated. Even if Smokey remains an outside cat the least we can all do for him/her is give it  a good health.

One quality we have in our circle of friends is we make sure no creature goes without. Sometime soon, I will post a picture of Smokey for all to see.

GOOD NEWS (Part 2)

Good news for us! After long patience, Smokey has finally let HER guard down! We discovered Smokey is a little female. This morning while my friends were snuggled in their warm beds, I was sitting outside sipping on a hot cup of tea waiting for the sun to rise. from the corner of my eyes I saw BATS which is another story, flying towards the house and of course, little Smokey must have heard me since she meowed her way out of the garage. She meowed, meowed, meowed all the way to the swing where I sat.

Much to my surprise she insisted on being picked up. She snuggled herself into my sweater and purred loudly. Every once in a while she would peak up at me and meow as if she was looking for assurance. She is simply adorable! I do have a great concern for her. I worry about her safety among other stray cats. Some of the bigger cats actually find their way to my garage and bully her out. My friend's husband is going to devise something with the bottom of the door where no cat can come in at night, which will give protection to Smokey at night while she sleeps in her little bed. My other concern is the cold. Now all my friends and neighbors swear Smokey will find lots of heat in the bed I made her, but, I don't feel that assured. Honestly, I have been trying to find her a good home and I don't have very much luck.  I can't bring her in the house necause of the allergies my mother in-law suffers from.

Smokey is a good, good kitten and I am sure who ever will adopt her will be happy! So far I have noticed just how good of a little mouser she is, I keep finding dead mice near my home. Now when she is ready to be fed, she sure lets us know. She will meow none stop until she hears the ruffling of the bag of cat food. She almost makes a little dance by her bowl. She also likes it when I pick her up and lay her down in her bed. Before I cover her in her queen size blanket, she flops on her back to get her belly rubbed. I bought her new toys today, fabric mice and noisy balls hoping it will keep her occupied if she should wake up in the middle of the night.

I look forward to seeing her in the morning. OH, I think she fancies tea. She tried on several occasions to drink my tea this morning. I wonder what other surprise Smokey will have for me when she see me sitting on the front porch in the morning!

Caring for Smokey (Part 3)

My friend and I have not been impressed with the big cats that seem to take pleasure in bullying Smokey. Mind you, for a small kitten, Smokey can defend herself pretty good. The door I had purchased for the garage turns out to be to long and too small. In the meantime we temporarily fixed the bottom of the door so no big animals can sneak in the garage especially while Smokey is asleep. She is probably going to be upset when she realizes she can't roam the streets at night, but, it is for her own good. I fluffed up her bed this evening and I really hope she will be alright. It's suppose to get cold tonight, around 35. Although, I noticed something too, I think she may be coming down with a cold. I did telephone the animal shelter but as always they are not taking anymore strayed animals. I can't take her to the vet just yet as I have to raise the money for her. Would anyone have a suggestion as to how I can care for her? Is there something I can give her? Any suggestions would be so appreciated, thank you.

Smokey the Stalker (part 4)

Well I have to admit, i think Smokey is stalking me. Friends may visit, family may leave the house and no sign of Smokey, but, the second I set foot outside, or I am walking nearby the house, Smokey is there. My neighbors find it rather funny. Either way, I have grown very fond of Smokey. She is indeed a very nice and loving kitten. I think she loves me. Now in the morning I run to the garage (temporay home) to let her out. She'll sit by the door and wait for me to pick her up. We have this cuddling thing where she snuggles in my arms and at the same time plays with my fingers or buttons on my coat. Then she'll meow about 20 to 30 minutes later, that is time for me to feed her. Now I feed her wet food for breakfast and supper and she always has access to a bowl of dry mix and fresh water of course, so she is never starving.

Smokey has her first visit to the Vet in the morning (part 5)

Smokey will be getting a total physical. Since she was born outdoors I want a series of test done to her. It's important that she be as healthy as possible. Because she is still so small I asked the Vet technician when Smokey can be fixed, after all that is the least we can do for her. I was told not until she is at least 6 months old. So, in a couple of months I will have her fixed. My problem right now, I can't have smokey in the house because my mother in-law is allergic to cats. So, I'm asking any of you bloghers living in the KY/WV area, if you would be willing to adopt Smokey? She is a beautiful country grey kitten approximately 4 months old with yellow eyes. She loves to carry a conversation and loves to play with her toys. She loves both wet and dry food and little treats. She is also a great mouser for her age. She would make a great companion. I will send pictures of Smokey to anyone who wants one. Thank You! Tomorrow I will let you know the outcome of her visit to the Vet. She will be getting her first shots, dewormed and what ever else the Vet will recommend.

Smokey at the Vet (part 6)

Smokey went for her first visit to the Vet thismorning. I worried about how she would react to the car, but, golly she was so awesome! Not a peep out of her. She actually snuggled all the way to the animal hospital. Haha! The Vet confirmed that Smokey is indeed a girl! Which I already knew of course but it don't hurt to have an expert second opinion! I explained that Smokey was born outdoors and so the technician carried her to the back where they did some testing on her and returned her to me about 10 minutes later. I don't know much about raising cats but something happened between Smokey and I while we sat waiting for the results. When the technician returned with a couple of needles I noticed Smokey hid her head in the crook of my arm looking for comfort. Before she received her shots the Vet explained to me about feline diseases such as leukemia and HIV. Felines that are born outdoors sometime have these diseases and once it happens nothing can be done for them. Luckily for Smokey the blood results all came back negative!

So this morning she received her first series of shots, and, oh, I almost forgot, Smokey is at least 6 months old according to the doctor. So she will be spayed in a couple of weeks. I mentioned earlier that something happened between Smokey and I and I think we bonded. She clung to me as if I was the mother cat. Every once in a while she would look up at me and just stare, maybe she was making certain I was paying attention to her. Either way it felt good. Now I don't think I want to find a home for her, she is happy here and I am happy to have her here.

Smokey happily ever after (part 7)

Sorry for taking so long to write about Smokey! So much has happened here since the Holidays. I wanted to let you know that Smokey is doing fine! A young family moved into our community. They have 3 small children. One day Smokey decided to pay the children a visit and I couldn't believe that she enjoyed playing with them. She actually allowed the children to hold her. I was at first skeptical as I worried she would get spooked and scratch one of the children. Much to my surprise she enjoyed the attention they gave her. I allowed the family to keep her for a couple of the days to see how Smokey enjoyed being indoors. Besides at the time the nights were dangerously cold for pets. For two weeks in a row, I would go and check up on Smokey and each time the family would tell me how good she was. Each time I would also say, "I'll be back in two days" Finally we (the family and I) agreed Smokey was happy with them. I see her every once in a while and Smokey is truly happy where she is at. So I want to thank you all for following Smokey's updates.


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