Community Service – Giving Back

Community Service – Giving Back

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.  ~Mother Teresa

Kyle with his Youth Group leader Mrs. Milko at a senior care center 12/16/12

This year Kyle was old enough to join our church's youth group.  They accept students who are in the sixth grade and Kyle will be able to participate until he graduates high school.  The Sacred Heart / Saint Cecilia youth group also accepts anyone meeting that criteria, students don't necessary have to go to our church to join.  It seems like such a large span of ages, but I think it's good experience for all parties, having such an eclectic group.  They are a great group and I highly recommend any child joining.

The Sacred Heart / Saint Cecilia youth group is well organized and pretty involved in the community.  Every year they elect their officers and vote on the activities they want to accomplish during the school year.  Yes!  The students make the suggestions on the community service work, the fundraisers and the fun activities they want to participate in.  The students are also the ones who vote on which suggestion from each of the categories they want to accomplish throughout the year, guided by their fearless leaders Mrs. Milko and Miss Janik.  Structuring the group this way, really truly makes it their own.  The young adults are held accountable and learn responsibility.

This past Sunday, the youth group went to a senior living center nearby and passed out ornaments and sang Christmas carols.  I know Kyle's visited a similar facility in the past because of my grandma, but I don't think Kyle really paid much attention to all the different types of elderly people and really saw them.  The first floor contained the seniors who needed consistent attention and care, nothing out of the ordinary for Kyle.  However, the top floor was slightly different.  The upper level was a secure section where they housed the mentally handicapped.  The assortment of individuals with varying degrees of sickness, was a whole new world for Kyle, and I'm glad he had the opportunity to experience it.  My goal was always to have Kyle see the world and experience everything.  This is part of it, it might not be the glamorous side of life, but it is reality.

The Sacred Heart / Saint Cecilia Youth Group 12/16/12

Besides being a little bit intimidating, the visit went every well.  It seemed like our presence was appreciated by those it was meant to benefit.  Our nurse tour guide, if you will, was great with the students!  After all the gift giving and the Christmas songs where sang, the nurse gathered the students together to tell them about the residence.

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